Joanne Latham Top Glamour Model

At the tender age of 16 Joanne Kandy Latham took her first step on the road to fame and fortune. After studying classical ballet for ten years and taking a scholarship to the Royal Ballet school Joanne turned her hand to modeling and was an instant success. The demand for her worldwide was dynamic Playboy and Penthouse bosses battled over her when finally in 1979 she agreed to appear "nude" in the 10th Anniversary issue of penthouse magazine to Hefners disappointment. Miss Latham signed a contract with Bob Guccione the owner of Penthouse. The contract promised Joanne a huge amount of money along with her personal requests she had written into the contract. She would be sent to study drama at the Lee Strasburg "actors studio" in New York City. Actors such as Marylin Monroe, Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro have studied the Stanislavasky Technique of acting called "The Method". Joanne also wanted to become fluent in French and learn classical piano. Guccione agreed... she signed.

"The only reason I signed with Penthouse was I believed I would be sent to the actors studio..."

Her life was a kaleidoscope of colours, she traveled worldwide gathering huge amount of fans wherever she went. her magazine made US history by selling more in Dollar % than any other magazine that includes mainstream magazines such as - Time & Vogue.

She was friends with many powerful people... dated some of the most desirable men on earth.. sipped the finest champagne... and ate the best caviar...

"The stories are endless" she sighs "I was like Alice in Wonderland.. I came down to Earth when I was fired for falling in love.. "

Joanne's friends and lovers included a host of famous names such as John Huston, Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Ryan O`Neal and Tom Jones, Diana Ross, Andy Warhol, George Best, George Peppard, Adrian Koshoggi, James Caan. Mel Brookes, Woody Allen, Paul Anka, Burt Bacharach. A Member of the Royal family, A President of the USA which she refuses to name until her book is released... Joanne is now stepping slowly back into the public eye.

" I might be tripping the light fantastic... with "dancing with the stars"... it has been mentioned we shall see what the future brings Its cool... making my fans happy again "

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